Friday, July 30, 2010

How Does Heifer Pass On the Gift?

We raised enough money to buy a llama for Heifer International!

Throughout the school year we have been raising money to buy a llama for Heifer International. The children learned about llamas and alpacas and how their fleece is used to make clothing and goods. Thanks to my mother-in-law each child was given a hand knit coin purse made from llama yarn. The students collected money in their coin purses and would bring it to school to add to our fund. It was awesome to see how excited the kids would get to bring in their own quarters and nickels, so they could buy a llama for a family that really needed one.

They also had the chance to learn to weave on our schoolyard fence, which served as our outdoor "loom." The students were taught to finger knit as well. Each child made a bracelet to take home. The Kindergartners finger knit and sold bracelets with an earth bead on each to raise additional money. They earned $75 bringing us to our goal, and we were able to buy a llama for Heifer International!