Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One More Use For Our Acorns...

After we were done sorting our acorns we used them for a counting work.

Sorting in the Outdoor Classroom

This Fall we used acorns and buckeyes for sorting in our outdoor classroom. We started by sorting acorns and buckeyes into two different bins. Later we sorted our acorns into groups of big and small.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Classifying Maple and Oak Leaves

As the leaves fell this autumn, the children gathered leaves and identified maple and oak leaves by matching the shapes of the leaves to templates. Then they sorted the leaves into two baskets. This lesson was extended into the indoor classroom by pin punching maple and oak leaf shapes. The extended day Kindergarten students have been creating an oak leaf, maple leaf pattern on their November calendars as well.

Some Interesting Things To Know About Us...

Our classroom has the feel of a one room schoolhouse. The owners renovated a ranch house into a beautiful classroom with restrooms and office space in the back. The classroom has windows and french doors everywhere you look. We don't even need to turn on our lights most days, because of all the natural light. The french doors open up to a deck and fenced in schoolyard, which serves as our outdoor classroom.

The best part of our outdoor classroom is that we have a space for our farm animals. The owners, Karen and Arthur Stewart, live on a farm and bring animal friends to visit. Our students get the chance to learn about and coexist with chickens, ducks, and goats.
To learn more about our school visit our website http://avonmontessori.com.

Welcome to Our Blog

My name is Jen Lukacs, and I help run the outdoor classroom at Avon Montessori School in Avon, Ohio. We are a preschool/kindergarten school in our second year of operation. One of our goals at the school is to bring as much of the learning from inside of our Montessori classroom out to our schoolyard. We want to share some of our ideas with you in this blog, and hopefully readers will comment and share some ideas with us.